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5 things to do in Hermosillo


21 agosto 2019

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Located in the north of Mexico, in the state where the mountains meet with the desert and the beach, the city of the sun: Hermosillo. A city with a very peculiar personality, with its very defined culture and gastronomy that tells years of history.

But … What does this beautiful city have to offer us?

1. Hermosillo Cathedral.

The Cathedral of Hermosillo, dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, measures 30 meters high, is the main temple of the Archdiocese of Hermosillo, and one of the most representative buildings in the city.

Before the building, there was a small chapel on the site, built in the 18th century. The current construction was built due to the need for a larger space, to serve the faithful habitants. The works were supported by the then bishop Herculaneum Lopez de la Mora and was consecrated in 1908, although the works of the building had not been completed and one of the towers was missing. The dome was completed in 1963.

As a tourist center, people regularly enjoy a break watching children play in the park, eating some snacks offered at the cathedral kiosk and sometimes feeding the doves.

It has a link to the east with the Plaza Zaragoza and to the southeast with the Plaza bicentenario.

2. Plaza Bicentenario.

A few meters from the Cathedral of Hermosillo, we can find the Plaza Bicentenario. Created in 2010 to commemorate the 200 years of independence and the centenary of the revolution, it is the ideal place to get to know some indigenous art and traditions, and you can also enjoy a delicious coffee or dine at one of the restaurants offered by the plaza


A small place that keeps great moments in the heart of the City of the sun.

In the background, enjoy the beautiful Palace of Congress that steals the spotlight.


Try a delicious coffee accompanied by an ice cream or a regional snack in one of the restaurants that offer succulent delicacies to travelers. Its tables adorned with umbrellas invite you to relax and watch people stroll through the plaza.

Visit one of the temporary exhibitions that show the work of local artists; explore its halls and discover the regional wonders that are here for sale.

3. Cerro de la campana.

Cerro de la Campana is a rocky hill located in the center of Hermosillo, capital of the Mexican state of Sonora. Symbol of the city, it is the viewpoint to appreciate an almost complete panorama of the “City of the Sun”, especially its spectacular sunsets.

The Cerro de la Campana owes its name to the shape similar to a bell that it presents if it is observed from east to west, as well as to the fonolitas that are in the area and that, when struck, produce a metallic sound similar to a Bell.

Cerro de la Campana is located just south of downtown Hermosillo, near Parque Madero. The closest main roads are the Boulevard Paseo del Río Sonora, which borders the hill to the south, and the Boulevard Agustín de Vildósola, which borders it to the west. From this flank, Cucurpe Street starts, which spirals up to the viewpoint.

4. Culture in Hermosillo city

Hermosillo has a cultural offer that includes cinemas, bowling centers, theaters, museums, art galleries, sports and outdoor activities, shopping, and parks. Among the main museums, cultural spaces, technology centers, high-level universities, public spaces and many more attractions.


100 kilometers to the west of the city is the coast, Kino Bay, where there is a tourist beach where water activities are offered. There is also the option to take a tour of the Island of Tiburon, which is the largest in Mexico, that is also an ecological reserve where you can practice ecotourism, sport fishing, and diving. It can be visited with prior permission from the Seri community in Punta Chueca. Also, a cultural and artistic event known as the Pitic Festival is held annually, where national artists are invited to perform in the cultural spaces of the city. This celebration is held in May and mainly consists of a traditional fair that includes children’s workshops, regional cuisine, art installation, cultural tianguis, children’s theater, astronomical observation, dance, street theater, literary coffee, music magazine, and troupes.

5. La oferta gastronómica.

Visiting Hermosillo is also getting involved with its exquisite cuisine prepared mainly based on tasty cuts of meat of excellent quality since the state of Sonora is a producer of beef and pork. An obligatory activity during your visit to the city of Hermosillo is to delight yourself with a barbecue of roasted meat. Also, due to its proximity to the Sea of ​​Cortez, you can enjoy delicious dishes of the sea.

Due to the extreme weather and the need to preserve food for long periods of time, in Sonora, dehydrated foods emerged that were incorporated into its cuisine and are now part of a tradition, such as the tasty Machaca, which is a meat that is salted and It starts to dry under the sun’s rays and is currently consumed as a condiment, snack or even as a main course.

Other outstanding and succulent dishes of the region are the corn tamale, the Gallina Pinta (a broth with beef, corn grains and beans), the cheese broth and the gigantic Burritos Percherones.


For a good end to your meals, there is nothing better than savoring the typical “Coyotas”, a kind of round cookie made of wheat flour and stuffed, already either of piloncillo, cajeta, ice cream or other ingredients. They were created in Villa de Seris, south of the city, and it is the favorite dessert of Sonora.


The representative beverage of the state is the “Bacanora”, a type of mezcal produced from the distillation of the juice of the roasted head of the maguey, which can be taken as an appetizer or as a digestive.

Hot Dogs

The city is also known for offering delicious hot dogs, especially those found in Plaza Emiliana de Zubeldía, also known as the “hot dog square”, in front of the University of Sonora.